How I Quit Smoking One Strange, Groovy Night

"Your sense of smell increases tenfold; you can taste the moisture in the air, the earthy bark on a tree and smell vibrantly the gentle fragrance of honeysuckle from afar..." After nearly 2 years, I finally quit smoking a week ago. I have since had zero cravings, no desire to overeat, and am feeling better physically, ...

The Truth about Psilocybin: Insights from the NYU Psilocybin Studies

“Everything is swept up into a climactic epiphany of love as the universal essence and meaning of all things. The journey of spirit coming to itself, revealing to itself its own inner mystery, is nothing but the self-realization of love.” – volunteer at the NYU Psilocybin studies

If you legitimately believe that psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms are harmful and have no medicinal or therapeutic value, read this. It is the account of a woman who was there for all of the research done at John Hopkins with mushrooms with terminally ill patients, and personally helped guide over 300 sessions although in case these generate any type of addiction a drug addiction treatment can totally help with this. “psilocybin can offer a means to reconnect to our true nature—our authentic self—and thereby help find meaning in our lives.”

I am candid in sharing my experiences with various psychedelics, including mushrooms, and am often met with resistance and derision from the uninformed who say it is “just getting high” or that I am destroying braincells, an unrepentant drug fiend. The stigma and misinformation attached to plant healing through psychedelics is holding us back, and what Western medicine is slowly coming to grips with – that psychedelics can offer invaluable growth of the soul, break open barriers and allow us to let go of trauma and embody our highest selves – is something that many tribes and cultures have known since the beginning.

Western culture has no rites of passage. We have no elders or shamans to help guide us through our soul and confront our shadows, our subconscious limits that hold us back. We have reality t.v and rittalin. We have xanex and scotch and shitty pop icons and decadence and walmart. We consume resources like locusts, without regard for other creatures or the very planet that nourishes us. We drift along aimlessly, filling our walls with plaques and degrees and filling our mortgaged houses with expensive toys, thinking that is what success is. We go to work, often at jobs we dislike, in order to finance what we think is the “right” path to success or happiness. Yet suicides, mental illness, drug addictions, alcoholism and general discontent are at all time highs. Cops are killing people. People are rioting. Old systems are failing. Something isn’t working. We are afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of appearing weak, afraid of crying, afraid of sharing our true feelings, and we wear all of these masks and smile and pretend everything is okay when its not. And its okay not to be okay. Psilocybin helps dissolve that barrier, helps us release our fear and guilt and shame, and can show us things as they really are, things you will never find in a beer bottle or t.v special.

Anyone with any sense can look at the current state of affairs on Earth and see that we need deep healing if we are to progress as a species. There is no doubt in my mind that these naturally occurring plants and fungi, like psillocybin, peyote, ayauhasca, cannabis, etc, can help guide us, lovingly and without fear, to living authentic, emotionally open and conscientious lives.

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Cannabis for Crohns?

Have Crohns Disease or a similar inflammatory bowel disorder? You might want to ditch the steroids and pharmaceuticals and smoke a joint instead. In an 8 week, placebo-controlled study with 21 patients, Researchers at Tel Aviv University found remarkable healing benefits for those having smoked 2 joints twice a day of high THC cannabis sativa, compared ...