The Waking World, in partnership with local, ethical and value driven┬ácompanies, will soon be an online distributor for the highest quality, ethically sourced products you can find! Our goal is to give people access to compassionately made, high quality products. Instead of supporting sweatshops, factory farms and other sociopath companies, why not support those making a difference in the world? By “voting” with your spending, you can lessen the demand for unethical products and slowly (but surely) make real, tangible change.

A few of the exciting products we plan on getting are:

Part of “waking up” means becoming conscious and aware of what we consume. From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, we must start thinking more about the true cost of our consumption. Would you continue to buy clothing if you knew for a fact that a 7 year old working for pennies made it? If there was a video at the deli showing the brutal way that cows and pigs are slaughtered, would you still be eager to buy that steak or pork roast, or would you hesitate?

We are living in a time where ignorance is a choice. With all of the information out there about the brutality, callousness and exploitation that goes in to almost all of our consumer goods, there is no excuse to say you just didn’t know.