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Additionally, I used to study the origins of benzo addiction because it is frequently recommended for anxiety and insomnia. I am just a curious person with a passion to explore! I have always loved making people laugh, sharing fascinating ideas and helping people “wake up”, so to speak, to the true nature of reality. We are not meant for drudgery, pain and destruction, for hatred. We are human beings for chrissake, and it is about time we start acting like it. My passion for exploring consciousness and understanding healing began with my early psychedelic experiences during college. Like many, I had read about Aldous Huxley’s “doors”, and of Leary and the gang. As a musician I was always blown away by the music of the 60’s and always thought there might be something to it. I was right.

Ever since my first foray in to the “mind manifesting” delights of various plant healers, I have been on a journey of consciousness, spreading the truth about these magical plant helpers and helping dispel misinformation and stigma whenever I can. The psychedelic experience is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can go through, but for the bold and brave adventurers of spirit, there are few journeys on Earth that can be as eye opening and life changing as a good (or bad) “trip”. These experiences, coupled with the growing belief that our minds and our energies shape reality far more than people realize, have led me down some very strange, very scary but mostly awe inspiring path ways in life. Though my background is in broadcast journalism and writing, I also love to play music, draw, engage in passionate discussions and explore the world.  

Starting with a backpacking, busking and bold adventure through the West coast of Canada after I graduated school, I have been on a mission to explore the Earth and spread truth, love and laughter wherever I can. Currently I am interested in writing and travel opportunities within the hemp industry and beyond, sharing and creating meaningful, relevant content and will be using this site as a hub for all things “waking”. As in, outside of the current system of oppression, propaganda and consumer culture; all that fun stuff. The beauty of not working for any major news outlet is that I can speak the truth, regardless of vested interests or political ramifications, and I intend to do that. Let’s break taboos, tackle stigmas, change unjust laws, and talk about what matters. To know more, click for details. Let’s wake up the world!